Sometimes it's interesting to see what happens when you're not looking.
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The Snoopert screen recorder allows you to see what has been viewed on a computer screen, and play it back at a rapid pace.

It's as easy to use as YouTube and you can try it FREE for two weeks.
(After a two week trial period, Snoopert costs $14.99 per month. Cancel anytime.)
Worried that your employees spend all day on Instagram or that your children are visiting adult websites? Using the Snoopert screen monitor you can allay your fears or justify your worries.

Snoopert allows you to see exactly what the computer users sees. If the person's playing solitaire, you see it. If they're on dating websites, you'll see that too.
Snoopert is quick to install and once loaded, runs undetected on the computer. After that, you can view what's happened on that computer screen from any other computer with an internet connection by merely coming to our site and logging in.

  • Snoopert works on computers running Windows (and a Mac version is coming soon).
  • We record what happens on a computer as long as the computer is internet connected.
  • We store data for one month, so you're able to look back on 30 days of data from your screen.
  • Videos of the screen activity can be downloaded if you would like to store data for longer.
  • You can pause, speed up, and slow down screen playback. The best way to see how it works is to try it out here.
Snoopert must be used legally. We don't want to get charged with any light treason.
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